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Land Clearing Company in Austin: Cedar Eaters of Texas

mulcher used for land clearing

Unused land can be a missed opportunity for future investments — especially if you reside in the ever-growing Austin area. Fortunately, land-clearing companies like Cedar Eaters of Texas can help turn your dreams into reality. 

Here’s what you need to know about working with a professional land-clearing company to get the job done right.

What Is Land Clearing?

before and after image of land clearing

Before and after image of land clearing (Image Source)

Land clearing is the process of using equipment to clear a plot of land for agriculture or commercial or residential construction. If your land has trees, shrubs, grass, or other vegetation, land clearing can help you remove plants from your property to prepare it for the next stage of development. 

Depending on the job, simple tools like lawnmowers, pruners, and shovels might be enough. Heavy-duty equipment like excavators, skid steers, or bulldozers will help remediate the toughest properties.

Land Clearing Companies in Austin: Cedar Eaters Land Clearing

Cedar Eaters of Texas is an environmentally-friendly land restoration company that’s served Texas since 2001. The company prides itself on its mulching practices and powerful machinery that can clear even the toughest, densest cedar or mesquite trees with minimal soil disturbance. 

Lot Clearing Services

Whether you have a residential lot or want to clear a wooded lot for agricultural or commercial use, no job is too big or too small for Cedar Eaters. Here’s a closer look at the lot-clearing services the company provides.

Residential Lot Clearing

Residential lots can benefit from selective land-clearing services. Cedar Eaters has a trained hand crew on site to customize your residential land clearing in a way that preserves the trees and vegetation that you want without compromising the integrity of the land. 

Clearing a Wooded Lot

Cedar Eaters’ primary focus is clearing heavily-wooded areas of Central Texas to allow for pasture land. The company is an expert at removing mesquite trees, oak trees, and more. 

Methods of Land Clearing

There are several methods of land clearing that your pros might use when clearing your land. The methods depend on the size of your property, the vegetation density, the type of vegetation, and your particular goals. 

Below are common land-clearing methods Cedar Eaters of Texas uses to tackle projects.

Cedar Removal and Forest Mulching

True to its name, Cedar Eaters of Texas specializes in removing cedar in the Texas Hill Country.

The company has dedicated thousands of hours to perfecting the art of mulching vegetation — a practice that helps retain water and key nutrients to disturbed soil after land clearing.

Mulching benefits your property by:

  • Restoring nutrients to the earth
  • Preventing erosion
  • Helping with water retention
  • Being cost-friendly

Right of Way Clearing

bulldozer used in land clearing

Image source: Greenseas/

In some cases, your land might be part of an easement agreement. Easements are legal rights where public or private entities can use your land for public transportation. Common right-of-ways include streets, roads, walkways, and alleys. 

This agreement can also apply to utility lines or pipelines. Cedar Eaters can handle the unique demands that come with right-of-way clearing so that only necessary land is cleared for the project. 


Cedar Eaters specializes in mulching, but this isn’t always the most effective way of disposing with debris. The company also has experience creating brush piles for efficient burning.

This is something to consult with both the company you hire and your municipality before considering.

Excavation, Demolition, & Removal

For land with large boulders, trees, or other obstructions, Cedar Eaters uses a large excavator with a unique grubbing attachment mechanism and retractable thumb to clear large trees from your property.

excacator is equipment used in land clearing

Image credit: Maksim Safaniuk/

Oak Wilt Prevention

Trimmed oak trees are susceptible to oak wilt — a fungal infection caused by Bretziella fagacearum. This aggressive disease spreads quickly from tree to tree.

Cedar Eaters helps prevent this deadly tree infection from taking root by sealing any open wounds on oak trees after trimming them. 

Land Clearing Equipment

Land clearing services use a variety of equipment to clear land. Factors that impact the types of tools and equipment include property density, terrain, obstacles, and more. 

Cedar Eaters operates hydraulically-powered mulchers with 8-foot cutting heads to blaze through even the toughest forests to have your land cleared in no time. These machines have the power to quickly cut through dense forests, and the mulchers’ agile mechanics allow for selective clearing so that you can preserve the trees you want and obliterate the ones you don’t want.

Other common land-clearing equipment includes:

  • Chainsaws
  • Pruning tools
  • Excavators
  • Skid steers
  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Mulchers
  • Brush mowers
  • Stump grinders

Land Clearing Company Alternatives

As one of the fastest-growing areas of the U.S., clearing your Austin land fast without compromising on its beauty is more important than ever before.

Check out our articles on competitors Sid Mourning Tree Clearing, Pierce Land Clearing, and Lone Star Trapping before you commit.

Conclusion: Land Clearing in Austin, TX

Clearing your land isn’t always a straightforward process. It can be challenging to pinpoint just how you want your land cleared and the best land-clearing methods for the job. Work with a trained land-clearing company like Cedar Eaters to quickly get the property you want.  

They can be reached at:


Email: Via website

Telephone: 877-404-8141


Land Clearing in Austin, TX: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll spend between $700 and $6,200 an acre to clear land, depending on the vegetation, terrain, removal methods, and more.

Land clearing can increase your land’s value by doing the work for prospective buyers, but this isn’t always the case.

Most land-clearing processes follow a similar itinerary, though there might be a few differences from company to company and amongst landowners. A typical land-clearing project goes as follows: Land survey, Permit acquisition, Land clearing, Stump grinding, Grading and leveling, Hauling services.

DIY land clearing is the cheapest method in terms of money spent — if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t have a clear vision or the skills to operate power tools and heavy-duty equipment, rental costs alone can make any savings moot. The cheapest way to clear land is by working with a pro that uses forestry mulching so that you don’t have to pay extra for hauling services.