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Land Clearing Company in Austin: Kleensite

mulching used in land clearing

Austin, Texas is constantly growing, and if you have a piece of wooded land that needs clearing, Kleensite can help in the process of developing your land. 

Land clearing can be a laborious process. This is not a DIY project.

Here’s what you need to know about Kleensite’s land-clearing services.

What Is Land Clearing?

before and after image of land clearing

Before and after image of land clearing (Image Source)

Land clearing involves removing trees, shrubs, vegetation, and other obstacles on your property. This process can be done for a number of reasons, including residential use, agricultural use, commercial use, and right-of-way use. 

A mix-match of tools and machinery may be used to clear your land from vegetation, depending on the density and other unique characteristics of your property.

Land Clearing Companies in Austin: Kleensite

Kleensite is a Texas-based land-clearing company that uses professional methods to remove vegetation and rock from your property. The company uses eco-friendly and versatile skills to clear your land for future use.

Lot Clearing Services

Kleensite has an experienced crew to help turn your property into a blank canvas. Here are the lot-clearing services provided by the company.

Residential Lot Clearing

If your residential lot needs clearing, it may require more precision than simply bulldozing through a dense forest. Kleensite works with you to customize your land-clearing plan so that your landscape is tailored to your specific goals. 

The team will remove unwanted trees and vegetation while preserving the vegetation and landscaping you want to keep.

Clearing a Wooded Lot

Whether you have a heavily-wooded or lightly-wooded lot, managing forests requires a great deal of labor. That’s where Kleensite steps in to quickly and strategically remove unwanted trees for the next stage in the development process. 

Methods of Land Clearing

Kleensite uses various land-clearing methods to remove unwanted vegetation and obstacles from your property. 

Below are some of the most common methods for clearing land.

Cedar Removal

The Texas Hill Country has a reputation for its water-loving, allergy-inducing cedar trees. Cedar forests can pose a fire hazard to your land — especially during times of drought. 

Kleensite specializes in removing cedar, turning it into mulch, and leaving desirable hardwood trees in your yard. 

Brush Mulching

Kleensite uses mulching to remove overgrown areas and encourage erosion control, moisture retention, and microbial soil health. This environmentally-friendly method helps ensure future vegetation thrives so that the plants you want in your yard can flourish.

Right of Way Clearing

bulldozer used in land clearing

Image source: Greenseas/

The company also offers right-of-way clearing, which is the process of removing vegetation and obstructions from designated areas. These areas can be found in your deed in what is called an easement agreement. In this agreement, you are legally responsible for providing access to private and public entities. 

In Austin, residential homes must not have trees or other obstructions within 10 feet of roads, sidewalks, or other public property. In rural areas, right-of-way clearing requires more labor and can involve clearing land for utility lines, pipelines, access roads, water pipes, and other key systems. 

If you only want land-clearing services for right-of-way purposes, Kleensite will take on your project with careful planning and communication to selectively clear land for right-of-way easements without removing trees and vegetation that don’t need to be removed.


If your property is eligible for land burning, Kleensite can burn vegetation to quickly clear your land. This method, also called prescribed burning, comes with many regulations, so you might need to check with your local municipality before you decide to burn your land. 

Excavation, Demolition, & Removal

From large trees and boulders to old homes, barns, and crumbling structures, Kleensite uses specialized equipment to tackle even the biggest jobs. 

The heavy machinery Kleensite operates includes excavators with mulching attachments and skid-loaders with specialized attachments like rock rakes or grubbing equipment. 

These additional attachments help the heavy machinery navigate tricky areas and open up land for extensive projects.

excacator is equipment used in land clearing

Image credit: Maksim Safaniuk/

Land Clearing Equipment

Your land may or may not require much equipment. The types of land-clearing equipment and tools your crew uses depend on the vegetation, obstacles, terrain, and more. 

Kleensite will pick from the following equipment to clear your land:

  • Chainsaws
  • Pruning tools
  • Excavators
  • Skid steers
  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Mulchers
  • Brush mowers
  • Stump grinders

Land Clearing Company Alternatives

As one of the fastest-growing areas of the U.S., clearing your Austin property fast without compromising on the beauty of your land may be more important than ever before.

Check out our articles on competitors Austin Land Clearing, Capitol Tree Care, and Underbrush Clearing to help you choose the right land-clearing company for the job.  

Conclusion: Land Clearing in Austin, TX

Don’t let the mortgage on your wooded lot go to waste. If you have a property in Austin that needs land-clearing services, a skilled land-clearing company can help turn your unruly lot into a valuable piece of land. 

Work with a high-quality land-clearing service like Kleensite today to have your land ready for use.

They can be reached at:


Email: Via website

Telephone: 877-553-3674


Land Clearing in Austin, TX: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll spend between $700 and $6,200 an acre to clear land, depending on the vegetation, terrain, removal methods, and more.

Land clearing can increase your land’s value by doing the work for prospective buyers, but this isn’t always the case.

Most land-clearing processes follow a similar itinerary, though there might be a few differences from company to company and amongst landowners. A typical land-clearing project goes as follows: Land survey, Permit acquisition, Land clearing, Stump grinding, Grading and leveling, Hauling services.

DIY land clearing is the cheapest method in terms of money spent — if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t have a clear vision or the skills to operate power tools and heavy-duty equipment, rental costs alone can make any savings moot. The cheapest way to clear land is by working with a pro that uses forestry mulching so that you don’t have to pay extra for hauling services.